Professional experience

Regular scope of responsibilities:

  • co-creating and execution of the Company’s strategy
  • coordinating and supervising the overall operation of business
  • planning and supervision of delivering budgetary and quality targets
  • achieving the required business results and indicators
  • ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the management system
  • team management
  • representing the Company

Employment and realization of the interim management projects


CARBO Holding sp. z o.o. (group of companies covering the facility of bulk trade, the facility of steel structures, the facility of renewable energy sources and engaged in shipping)  – a family business, annual revenues of PLN 120 – 150 million - Advisor, CFO, CEO

  • debt restructuring
  • acquiring capital for Company’s development (EU funds and long-term loan)
  • implementation of reverse merger
  • reduction of fixed costs
  • preparation of succession

 Huta Bankowa sp. z o.o. (manufacturer of rims and rolled bars) - subsidiary of Alchemia SA, annual revenues of PLN 250-350 million -CEO

  • increasing the Company’s goodwill
  • renegotiation of strategic contracts
  • internal reorganization

GCB CENTROSTAL BYDGOSZCZ SA - Advisor to the Management Board for Group Restructuring and the President of GCB DOMSTAL SA

Towarzystwo Finansowe “SILESIA" Sp. z o.o. [Finance Company “SILESIA" Ltd.] (State Fund associated with restructuring of the steel industry) – investment funds in the amount of PLN 350 million - CEO

  • creating conditions for the sale of the Walcownia Rur Jedność [“Jedność” Tube Mill] to the strategic investor (debt and security restructuring, overtaking of the operational activity of the company owned by several shareholders by a special purpose vehicle controlled by the strategic creditor, preparing with Wierciński Kwieciński Baehr Law Firm a package of agreements, initialled after being negotiated by the investor, and submission of a set of documents to the Minister of the Treasury for the approval of the Meeting of Shareholders)
  • effective negotiations of a value of PLN 400 million with a consortium of nine banks, Stalexport-Autostrady S.A. and the Minister of Finance as a representative of the State Treasury as entities financing the investment associated with Walcownia Rur Jedność Sp. z o.o. for a period of 30 years
  • participation in the development of restructuring programs of several companies and performing function of the financial investor’s supervisor
  • reconstruction of the organization, including the reduction of employment, partial replacement of staff and increase of profit
  • development of management system of the group of companies. Implementation of changes in the accounting system of several companies in order to adjust the information system to the management needs.
  • management of the block of shares in several companies from the tube branch of industry.

 MunicipalHospital in Siemianowice Śląskie - Chief Accountant – Chief Financial Officer  

  • organization of the financial support for investments from the Structural Funds of ZPORR
  • initiating solutions to ensure an increase in profitability of business, establishing a team, training staff responsible for company finances
  • concluding the settlement agreements regarding the execution of debts for liabilities unfulfilled from 2001 to several hundred employees, suppression of debt enforcement proceedings
  • participation in crisis management (termination of contracts by service providers crucial for the continuity of the hospital operation and staff protests at the lack of means to ensure the minimum subsistence of the hospital) 

 "Orzeł Biały" S.A. (lead refinery) – annual sales revenues of PLN 300-400 million - Member of the Board – Chief Economy and Finance Officer

  • Preparation of the court reconciliatory agreement with creditors and protection from bankruptcy
  • Organization of financing of the investments crucial for the development of the company

Huta “Katowice” S.A. – yearly turnover PLN 4,000 million - Vice President of the Board for Finance and the First Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Company

  • arranging long-term financing for Huta “Katowice” S.A. in the amount of PLN 630 million in the form of a syndicated loan and issue of the investment-commercial notes, allowing Huta “Katowice” S.A. to avoid bankruptcy in 1998,
  • participation in the operation of the Management Board, who was responsible for the negotiations with potential investors of Huta “Katowice” S.A. and led to submission of a binding offer to the Minister of Treasury by British Steel in 1999 regarding acquisition of the assets of Huta and implementing the investments strategic for its market position,
  • participation in the preparation of the restructuring program and development strategy of Huta
  • development of finance management and budgeting for several companies owned by Huta “Katowice” S.A. group
  • participation in negotiations with 13 trade unions.

Zakłady Metalurgiczne “Trzebinia" [Metallurgical Plants “Trzebinia"] (producer of silver, non-ferrous metal powders) - CFO

  • effective conducting of the court reconciliatory agreement with creditors
  • acquisition of the return of the unduly levied in 1992 super-normative wages tax in the amount of PLN 7 million by Zakłady Metalurgiczne “Trzebinia" from the Tax Office in Chrzanów
  • conducting collective redundancies covering one third of the staff

Participation in the development and implementation of restructuring projects for several Silesian companies (including PRG Mysłowice, FSM WWR SA in Bielsko-Biała, ZPW WELUX in Bielsko-Biała, GZUT SA in Gliwice, BPiDI Metalchem and ZACH Metalchem in Gliwice) as private business activity

  •  Preparation and coordination of transformation of two FSM WWR S.A. facilities into separate commercial law companies. Conclusion of the restructuring agreement, court reconciliatory agreement, bank agreement for several entities.
  • Preparation of PRG “Mysłowice” for composition agreement proceedings in the mining industry. Through effective recovery and rational sales of debts the company protected itself from losses in the amount of PLN 5 million, which it would incur during the judicial composition agreement proceedings.
  • Negotiation with the Ministry of Treasury (formerly MPW) of the lease agreement of the Gliwickie Zakłady Urządzeń Technicznych [Gliwice Technical Equipment Plant Inc.] for the special purpose entity with the participation of employees and financial investors
  • Participation in the project and implementation of changes in sales organization in Zakłady Przemysłu Wełnianego [Wool Industry Works] “WELUX"  in Bielsko-Biała in 1990, through which the domestic sales increased by 5 times (in the situation of breakdown of the distribution channel in the form of wholesale trade and during the collapse of the eastern outlet)

 “Metekon" in Katowice (consultancy for companies of non-ferrous metal industry) -Team manager of research and management improvement

 Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice - Assistant at the Institute of Industrial Economics

 Member of the Supervisory Boards of Commercial Companies

 GCB Centrostal Bydgoszcz S.A - Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

 HK Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Wodociągowych Sp. z o.o. w Dąbrowie Górniczej [The Water Supply Service Enterprise HKW Ltd. in Dąbrowa Górnicza] - Member of the Supervisory Board

 „PRINN" Sp. z o.o. in Dąbrowa Górnicza -Chairman of the Supervisory Board

 Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne PBK „Orzeł" S.A. [General Pension Society PBK “Orzeł" S.A.] (currently PTE AEGON S.A., formerly ERGO-HESTIA S.A.) Member of the Supervisory Board

 Bielskie Zakłady Wyrobów Filcowych S.A. [Felt Products Works of Bielsko S.A.] - Member of the Supervisory Board

Wytwórnia Sprzętu Górniczego „DEHAK" S.A. w Mysłowicach [Mining Equipment Factory “DEHAK" S.A. in Mysłowice] Chairman of the Supervisory Board


College of Organization and Management – AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

Postgraduate studies in industrial enterprise management

Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice

Major:  I – Economics and organization of industry,

            II – Organization and management.

Foreign languages

German, Russian